Ten New Ways to Put on Makeup

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about makeup it’s that there’s more than one way to make it look HOT. Toe-may-toe. Toe-mah-toe. Right? Case in point: I’ve done my research and here are some new ways to apply your makeup. Poe-tay-toe. Poe-tah-toe.

#1 Tap on mascara
 Long strokes of mascara aren’t actually the best way to amp up your lashes. I like tapping deep at the base of the lashes, working outwards to the tips. That way you’re creating depth—the roots are dark and rich and the ends are soft, not clumpy.
#2 Soften pencils
Lip liner tends to be dry, which results in uneven coverage. I suggests dipping the pencil in sheer balm before applying. It glides on much smoother, making it easier to accurately fill your lips. Warm the tip of a stubborn eyeliner pencil between your thumb and forefinger for a similar effect.
#3 Master the art of stippling
Stippling is an artist’s word for shading with dots instead of solid strokes.  However, techniques of the old masters can work for you too. Stippling your foundation creates the most natural finish. The technique also works for blush—build color at the apple of your cheeks, dotting back towards your hairline.
#4 Fight grease with gel, not powder
A dusting of powder is an intuitive way to blot away grease—but it can also dull your complexion. I like finishing the face with a dab of mattifying gel along the T-Zone and under the eyes. This ensures you’re not shiny in photos later.
#5 Give your lips the middle finger
According to Sollitto, a smudge of lipstick on your middle finger is the best way to give your lips that perfect heart-shaped pout.  Put a dab on your middle finger and place it in the center of your upper lip, sweeping outwards to the left. Repeat towards the right. There’s just something about the feeling of it and the way you will move your head that creates that perfect lipstick line.
#6 Repurpose your lipstick
A smidge of peach or coral lipstick blended in with your concealer is an unexpected antidote to dark under eye circles. The orangey red shade brightens and diffuses the darkness. I tell clients to smudge whatever lipstick their wearing on cheeks and lids before stepping out the door. That way, there’s a continuity of color on the face.
#7 Line your lashes
The key to lush, thick lashes isn’t just in your mascara’s formulation. A steady stroke of ultra-thin gel liner along the base of your lash line is key to creating the illusion of extra lashes. You want to fill that spot between your lashes and your lid.  Only when that line looks solid should you start applying mascara.
#8 Clean up with foundation
For simple smudges of liner or errant swipes of mascara, eye makeup remover can whisk away more than you intend. A foundation dipped Q-Tip will wipe away any mistake—use a tapping motion to get the best results.
#9 Crimp in falsies
When it comes to false lashes, an eyelash curler is your best friend. After placing full strips or individual clusters and allowing them to dry, apply a few coats of mascara. Then crimp gently with an eyelash curler, rocking the device back and forth while you clamp. That way, your faux hairs will blend in seamlessly with your real lashes.
#10 Contour with highlighter
Luminizing highlighter can make your cheekbones pop—but not when applied directly to them. Instead, smooth highlighter in a C-shape starting at your temples and extending along the bone just below your eyes. A slim line of highlighter down the center of your nose can also create the illusion of straighter bone structure.


News Ways to Wear Bottom Eyeliner

Ever since Cleopatra donned her infamous graphic kohl liner, eyeliner has held a special place in every beauty girl’s heart. And it’s certainly had its moments outside of ancient Egypt too–from the colorful cat eye to a double wing, it’s the driving force behind many of today’s most tempting eye makeup trends. However, lately we’ve noticed it’s the upper lash line that always seems to be getting the bulk of the buzz. Since we’re never ones to play favorites, we figured it’s time for bottom eyeliner to join in on all the fun. Here are three new ways to show the lower lash line some love.

1.If you were as obsessed with our gradient winged eyeliner tutorial as we were, than you’ll love that we took this look one step further. The gradient effect brightens eyes in the inner corners and elongates their shape on the outer corners to make for one alluring set of peepers. Pick three colors, start with the lightest and blend the color transitions as you add the darker shades. 

2. Switch the focus and concentrate your bottom eyeliner in the center of the lash line, rather than the outer corners. Bringing the attention the middle makes the eyes appear rounder. Add even more oomph the emphasis with a sparkle right below the center of your pupil. 

3.For a dramatically different look, break up the line. Dotted eyeliner paired with heavily mascaraed eyelashes is both reminiscent of mod makeup a la the 1960s and totally on trend this season. Depending on the size and shape of your eyes, you’ll want to make 4-6 dots with a soft pencil. Start small; you can always build up the dots once you’ve found your placement. Avoid adding dots too close to the inner corners, which can close off the eyes and look a bit harsh.


How to Wear Pastels

If you think the pastel look is a beauty trend better suited for the under-sixteen set, think again. Semi-saturated tints are back in a big way and they’re making a segue from Sunday church dresses to the cosmetic cases of beauty’s best and brightest. Whether you’re color-shy or color-obsessed, there’s a way to make the look work for you.

1. Stay true to tone.
Pastels should still pop in their own way. Because the colors are less saturated, if you apply a pastel shadow directly to the skin, the pigments are not going to look like what you see in the shadow pan. You must start with a layer of a white eye shadow..

2. Add definition.
The goal of eye makeup is to define the eyes. If you’re going for a wash of color, still use two shades — just remember to blend well. Willis added a dark shade to the center of the lid and the lower lash line to give the look dimension. If you choose to take the graphic approach, anchor the color with dark liner like MACs Smolder eye liner.  Use it to create a thin line along the lashes and in the waterline.

3. Complement. Don’t compete.
While you don’t need to go totally monochromatic, the rest of your makeup should complement, not compete with the pastel color. Skip blush and bronzer and opt for luminizer instead. A touch of light pink blush on the cheekbones and a dab of a soft, tinted balm on the lips is all you need to complete any pastel look.


Let’s Get Nude!

Everyone wants to get nude… nude lipstick that is!  You have a dirty mind!

There are opposite lip trends battling it out right now. In one corner, there’s the bright orange look from Fashion Week. On the other, there’s the nude lip that’s been dominating awards show season.

Surprisingly, it’s the barely-there option that’s harder to get right. Still, you don’t need to be Sophia Loren to go nude. You just need to choose a shade that works with your skin tone, instead of making it appear washed out — or, you know, like you just caked your lips in concealer.  The trick is finding a shade that looks like an enhanced version of your natural lip color. It’s not necessarily the color nude, but a shade that is one shade lighter or one shade deeper than your natural lip color.”

Porcelain Skin
People with milky complexions similar of English or Irish descent and have light blonde or red hair and light eyes — you also probably head straight for the palest shade of foundation at the makeup counter, and the strongest SPF at the beach. You need nude lipsticks with pink undertones that make the skin appear warmer.

Fair Skin
If you have darker hair and eyes, but you still have a pale skin tone, you fall under the fair skin tone category. Like porcelain tones, you should still look for a pinkish hue, but a softer undertone.

Olive Skin
If you have a warm skin tone that tans easily, or are of Hispanic descent, nude lips like Jennifer Lopez’s will be most flattering. Like other tan skin tones, nude lips with peach undertones work best.  But don’t think you can’t wear pinks.  They could work too.

Dark Skin
People with deep complexions should opt for nude lipsticks with copper undertones or a hint of mauve.

MAC’s Best Nude LipSticks!

High Tea -lipstick is a sheer, lightly pinked nude shade that works really well to mute more pigmented lips or add a little bit of glossiness to lips for everyday wear.

Myth -lipstick is a satiny smooth, fleshy beige shade. Good for toned-down lips, especially when paired with smoky eyes.

Honeylove -lipstick is often my go-to for a matte, pink-nude lip. It’s a great way to contrast with heavier/more colorful eyes.

Blankety -lipstick is an incredibly creamy, pigmented pinky beige nude shade. This is a great color to pair with more pigmented, brighter lipglosses, too.

Hug -Me lipstick is a fleshy pinky-nude than most of the others listed here, but for those who find most nudes wash them out, Hug Me is a great way to go for a muted lip instead.

Creme d’Nude -lipstick is a creamy, opaque beigey-nude shade that works well for a warmer nude lip.


nude lipstick

MAC Prep + Prime Skin Smoother

I have a new favorite MAC product in my life.  MAC Prep + Prime Skin Smoother is one of the best things on the whole damn planet.  It’s been around for a while now, however I never really get a chance to use it on clients until the other day.  A women came in that wanted something to fill in fine lines and wrinkles.  I pulled the Skin Smoother for her to try and the results were unbelievable. Skin Smoother is simply  velvety skin perfecting primer that instantly fills in fine lines and wrinkles. It contains powerful anti-oxidants, evens skintone and mattifies – while softening the skin. Its in a convenient compact makes it perfect for on-the-go moments. After applying the lady instantly looked 10 years younger. It’s very smooth, but not creamy. It has a thick texture in the compact, but feels extremely light when applied to the skin and sets with a matte finish.  It’s something I use all the time now! 


This is something that can be worn alone or with other primers, depending on what you need it to do. I either apply this all over my face before I put on a light foundation, or I layer it over  Prep + Prime Face Protect to the areas around my cheeks and nose where my pores stand out, or on my t-zone where I tend to get shiny. You can also just wear this by itself to even skin and control oil if you don’t feel like wearing makeup. I know a few men who have purchased this product just for that reason.

The versatility with the Prep + Prime Skin Smoother really comes in where you can apply it under OR over makeup. Like I said, you can use it under foundation, by itself OR (here’s the big surprise), you can use it OVER any makeup, liquid or powder, to touch up with during the day to control oil… So cool!!! I have started using this for touchups rather than blot powder because it’s less product I am putting on my skin and it never appears dry like a powder does.

As far as applying Skin Smoother, you have a few options… Obviously being your fingers or a brush. When I apply this as a primer under my foundation, I like to use my fingers because it warms up the product so it really smooths out easily and fills in efficiently. If I use this as a touchup during the day, I use a travel-sized MAC 190 brush from a holiday collection (they have short handles and fit in my makeup bag perfectly). The reason I use a brush for touchups is because it won’t warm up the product or your skin, which lessens the chance of actually having the makeup on your face also warm up and be wiped off by your fingers.

Ombre Eye Brows

Eye brows are currently in style more than ever.  Everyone wants the serve arched, and pointed brow that gives a movie star look.  However, I’m asked more and more on how to achieve the ombre eye brow.  Since, I learned the proper technique of the ombre brow the results have been life changing on many of my clients.  Ombre brows are soft and subtle, yet bold at the same time. The ombre brows are perfect for spring and summer because they can look really full and lush but not overdone.

The ombre effect comes from using two different brow colors, one lighter than the other. I learned about the technique from my manger at  MAC a couple months back, and I use the same approach she showed me, with a slight brush modification.
For the inner part of my brows (the side closer to my nose, as opposed to the outer part toward the ear), I apply the lighter color, in this case MAC Cork, a neutral matte brown, with a MAC 214 Short Shader Brush (some artist like to use a pencil brush for this instead), filling from the far inside end of the brow to just about the peak of the arch.
Next, I fill in my arch and outer tail area of the brow using a dark brown eyeshadow, in this case MAC Brun, and the MAC 266, an angled eyeshadow brush.
After that, I brush through the brows using a small amount of MAC Clear Brow Gel to mellow out the powder a little, and set the brow hairs so that they don’t go dancing in the wind!

The idea is for your brows to be a little lighter on the inside and gradually darken toward the arch and outer tail for natural, lush-looking brows.
For the lighter color you use on the inner portion of your brow, aim for a color close to your natural brow color, because if you go too light or dark, the gradient transition may look less natural.
So, yeah! Give it a try sometime if you like the look of bold brows but don’t want your fuzzy li’l caterpillars to look too harsh or severe.


Jeremy’s Favorites!

Everyone wants to know what products I love and could not live without.  I highly recommend all of these classic and popular products!  These products got me started in my makeup career and they will change your life! 

Maybelline New York Great Lash Mascara
Why it’s great: There’s a reason why everyone recognizes this iconic pink tube as one of America’s best mascaras. A mascara that can curl and give volume to your lashes at a good price is a plus! It was the first mascara I ever used and remains one of my favorites.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion
Why it’s great: Teenage girls, their moms and even grandmothers agree that “this is the best lotion ever!” It absorbs easily, and it feels refreshing. It’s almost like drinking a big glass of water: refreshing, not heavy and I instantly feel and see improvement in my skin.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser

Why it’s great:  this face wash is tough enough to get rid of makeup, but gentle enough for sensitive skin. This cleans my face and doesn’t dry, irritate or make my face red. If you have oily, combination and even acne-prone skin agree that it’s ultra-gentle and leaves skin feeling soft and soothed.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Why it’s great: The trick to making eye shadow last all day is what’s in this little tube.  If you have terribly oily eyelids and this really works all day.  It will keep your eye shadow  as vibrant in the late evenings as it is in the early morning.  It blends perfectly with my skin tone and makes my eye shadows go on smoothly and last forever. It also makes the colors look more vibrant.

These are some of my favs!  So now you know what to get me for my BIRTHDAY!!